Hire PHP Developer by Checking The Top 6 Skills

PHP development provides more opportunities for developers. If you are planning to become a freelance developer, knowing PHP is not enough. You need to acquire some additional skills.

Hire Php Developer

Here are the 6 essential skills to check when hire dedicated PHP developer

1. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Like I said the PHP knowledge isn’t enough to be a developer. There are high chances of him correcting the mistakes made by designers. On such occasions, you must know HTML and CSS as well. If you are not good at other languages, then the developers more experienced than you in other languages may get the project.

2. Knowing What You Don’t Know

Before development, you should have a better understanding of your abilities. But knowing what you don’t know is equally important. Mostly every newcomer in the industry, where finding an entry-level PHP development jobs is tough, forget this. He must know how to read proposal requests and how to price the job to do them proficiently. If you over commit projects, then neither you can complete it perfectly nor complete it in time. This will only cause damage to your reputation.

php coder

3. Business Communication

Being a freelance developer you need to have constant contact with all your clients. Use mobile phones to make sure your mails are received. Also, learn to communicate like a professional. Many techie guys have trouble with making business communication and that is why most of them choose to work at home. If you’re like that, then go to classes for business communication and improvise these kinds of skills.

4. Business Finance

As a freelance developer, he has to do everything by himself. That includes the finance section too. Maybe you do not know much about the taxes you should pay. But in this industry, you must know how much money you can ask for your work according to market rates and taxes you will have to pay for your business income.

5. Project Management

For an independent developer, there is no superior staff who will remind the employees under him to complete the work before the deadline. Maybe you have more than one work at a time and you are trying so hard to complete the work on time. So you ensure it yourself about managing your time, writing proposals, manage the scope of your project and commit the work. This will build your reputation.

6. Networking

Networking and contact with other persons in the industry can help you to find more jobs and get referrals. Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some of the famous ways for networking with other PHP freelancers, clients you work for or your previous clients. In a market where huge competition is present, networking skills can be crucial.

php developers

These skills are useful for most of the freelancers. But for PHP developers, they will be helpful. Web development is a highly competitive field and even getting an opening in this field is difficult. Once you have achieved these skills you can have great payments, flexibility, and growth in your career.

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